Monday, July 18, 2011

The Dark Knight Teaser trailer Hits The Net

Last Friday morning we had the awesome opportunity to view the final chapter in the Harry Potter saga. As you may have been aware, Warner Bros. attached the all new teaser trailer to another final chapter In a storied film franchise, The Dark Knight Rises. There isn't a great deal of footage however it will provide a great deal of excitement for long time Batman fans.

-Admiral Duke

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All New Trailer For 'Sherlock Holmes: Game Of Shadows'

Sherlock Holmes:Game Of Shadows Arrives In Theaters On December 16th.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

'The Avengers' Production Update

Arizona Wildfires Become Odd Blessing During Avengers Shoot

Filming continues, undaunted, and un-photographed, in the streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Undaunted because choking,gray smoke from the wildfires ravaging huge swaths Arizona & New Mexico have settled into the Rio Grande valley over the past week and a half. As the photograph above illustrates, Albuquerque has been wrapped in haze that feels absolutely apocalyptic. This seems to have worked out in favor of the production as the smokes arrival coincided with the filming of a dramatic action scene. Our sources tell us that a "Massive Evacuation" scene was filmed around a school in southwest Albuquerque. Apparently there were "...explosions and a lot of extra's running around." According to eye witnesses, the smoke and ash in the air totally enhanced filming at that location. Alas, we have no actual pictures of the set, because as we said, filming on the Avengers has gone un-photographed.

Disney & MARVEL's blackout remains powerfully in place as only two pictures, of what appears to be a set from The Avengers are all that have hit the net so far. Which is a stark contrast to the plot spoiling set photo's of Sony's Spiderman reboot which was filmed primarily in Los Angeles. The primary reason's Avengers has been able to pull this off is because the local populace is happy to have the production in town. That, and most locals employed by the film actually seem to know how to keep their end of Non Disclosure Agreement. Believe me, they really do.The Avengers is enjoying unprecedented set security, due in no small amount to the enthusiasm of the local community. How odd is it then, when a star of the film slaps Albuquerque locals in the face on the MTV Movie Awards? To read more about Chris Evans smack talk about Albuquerque, click here.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

'The Muppets' Trailer Debuts In Theaters...But Not On The Net?

This weekend when audiences attended screenings of Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger tides they were treated to the teaser trailer for "The Muppets." The all new entry into the legendary Muppets film series is an update with a considerable amount of talent behind it. Judd Apatow's buddy Jason Segel co-wrote the script, and is starring along side Amy Adams. James Bobin co-creator and director of HBO's Flight Of The Conchords. Speaking of which, Flight Of The Conchords(Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement) have written a lot of music for the film.

Typically, when a trailer as anticipated as this one is attached to a film it generally hits the internet the day of release or before. However, The Muppets trailer can only be found in theaters, at least for the weekend. The biggest reason for this? It actually plays better in the theater. I can't exactly say why without giving away a key component of the trailer but suffice to say, I have been following this film since it was a whisper, and the trailer totally surprised me. A really fun trailer, a great appetizer before Pirates. Keep it tune here, we will have The Muppets trailer as soon as it is released.
-Admiral Duke

Thursday, May 19, 2011

New 'Super 8' Clips And Japanese Poster Bring Film In to Focus

Each night this week, Paramount has been revealing a new clip from 'Super 8' on FOX during prime time. The clips still showcase footage that had been peeked at in the trailers but the more we see of the film the more it feels like Spielberg's ET: The Extra-terrestrial or Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. As if to sell that point, the new Japanese poster has been released that just screams SPIELBERG! Cannot wait for it on June 10th

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

NBC Releases Trailer For Alternate Reality Drama 'Awake'

Since ABC's LOST finished it's historic run, many shows have been trying to capture the vacant mantle of "Weird, Must Watch. TV." Fast Forward, Defying Gravity, The Event and many more have tried but none have come close. Finally, the folks at NBC may have produced a very strong contender. Awake is an alternate reality drama that follows Detective Michael Britten(The gifted Jason Issacs) after he survives a tragic car accident. When he awakes he is crushed to find that his wife has died, yet feels fortunate to have had his son survive. The next morning he awakes to find that somehow his situation has reversed and his wife survived and his son actually died. Once he realizes the specifics of the situation, Britten struggles to live this bizarre double life. He employs the services of two different psychiatrists to help him figure it all out. The trailer starts out with a definite dramatic tone, yet as complications arise, his two realities begin to overlap and the possibilities of were the story could go become very compelling. Was the accident a catalyst for Britten's break down, or a bridge to another reality? The cinematic feel of the trailer and Jason Issacs amazing talent totally sell AWAKE. It looks like it could be a monster success.

-Admiral Duke