Friday, April 29, 2011

Production On 'Avengers' Halted Due To Theft Of Samuel L. Jackson's Script

If you had not yet heard, A major wrench has been thrown into the production of The Avengers here in Albuquerque. Apparently Samuel L. Jackson's copy of the shooting script was stolen then shopped around via email to numerous film news outlets and blogs. It's unclear where the script was stolen, but we certainly hope this happened in Los Angeles and not here in Albuquerque. One of the websites that received the offer was, they even posted photographs of several script pages to prove it. Needless to say this has probably caused a mighty big problem for Samuel L. Jackson who portrays Nick Fury in the film who has, no doubt incurred the ridicule of fellow cast and crew members. Though, lets be honest, screw up or not, no one is likely to give the former Shaft and Pulp Fiction star too hard of a time about it.

The really big question is, what does this mean for the film that is still in it's early days of principal photography? Apparently the impact is significant. According to our sources close to the production of The Avengers, filming has completely halted. There may be more than one reason but chief among them seems to be that the studio has called for a rewrite of scenes that had been compromised by the release of the photographed script pages. In fact, if looked at closely, the above page is clearly readable and details a scene where Iron Man and Captain America are frantically searching an engine room. Meanwhile, Bruce Banner is about to go into full Hulk mode in the presence of Black Widow. Our sources gave no indication as to when the film would return to full production but, we will update you when we know more.


After talking to another source, we have confirmed, once again that production has indeed stopped on the Avengers. However, this source indicated that the theft of Samuel L. Jacksons script DID NOT occur in Albuquerque, but apparently happened in Los Angeles or Burbank CA.

**UPDATE 5/2/11**

Since we first reported the halt of filming on the Avengers there have been numerous reports of Disney & Marvel spokespeople debunking our story. Well, of course they would. It is their job to make sure that even the smallest problem during a production is smoothed over and goes away. It is their job to say that it's just business as usual. However, what we heard from MULTIPLE sources HERE, on the ground in Albuquerque was anything but business as usual. We fully stand by our story as FACT not rumor. Stay tuned to FilmFanReview for the latest NEWS on the production of The Avengers.

-Admiral Duke
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  1. dang, Well, I sure hope they are able to reacquire the script and/or production isn't totally screwed. I would hate for us all to miss out on this movie due to some greedy bastards

  2. how many people are really going to find this script online and read it? Only few movie buffs will even know about this incident. No damage done.

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